Chatham County    (912) 233-4472
Liberty County      (912) 463-2451
Effingham County  (912) 754-6768
Long County         (912) 237-2885
Bryan County      (912) 653-4555


Bail bonding in Savannah, GA

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For fast, affordable bond service, give Alexander Bonding a call at (912) 233-4472, any time of day or night. We're located on 5106 Ogeechee Rd off of Highway 17 just outside of Savannah, GA. Don't spend an extra minute sitting in jail after an arrest -- call us now!
Prisoner behind jail bars


At Alexander Bonding, we take pride in offering affordable, low cost bonds to help you or a loved one get home safely and quickly. Talk to us today about your situation, and we'll find a solution right for you.

24-hour service

We know that emergency bond service doesn't wait for business hours, and we don't think you or someone you know should have to spend an extra day or weekend in jail. Call us anytime, anywhere in the greater Savannah, GA area for immediate bond help.
Call us today at (912) 233-4472!
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